Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shower, Grace's appointment, Olivia's ultrasound...

The past few days have been very busy!

On Sunday three of my favorite girls gave me a wonderful diaper shower. I felt kind of funny having a shower just two years after Grace. But diapers...what a great idea. Diapers are not something you can reuse with each child. Plus I did receive some other fun stuff!

During the shower Chad had daddy and uncle duty. He watched both Grace and Hudson and did a wonderful job. They might of looked rough when they first walked through the door, but he played with them, went on a walk, gave them naps, gave them juice, diapered them and brought them up to the church. I think we found a new favorite babysitter.

Yesterday Grace had her two year old check up with Dr. H. There were shots and tears but with that aside she was a good girl. She weighed in at 27lbs 5oz in the 50% and 36 1/2 inches tall over the 95%. Grace does not have to go back to the doctor till she is three!
Yesterday I also had a doctors appointment with ultrasound. Olivia was measured through the ultrasound. They do this by measuring her head, her abdomen, and one of her leg bones (I can't remember which one). Through those measurements Olivia is in the 90% for size, estimating her size at 6lbs 12 oz. WOW...I still have how many days left???


The Berry Clan said...

wow! you look GREAT! we miss you guys. check out our blog to see how big piper is now! i LOVE this name olivia!!!!