Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Months Old

Olivia is two months old today. It has been a fast two months in some ways but it other ways it has been so long. I do feel like I am back to normal and finally adjusting to having two little ones in the house. Olivia is doing great. I think we have found the right dose of medicine for her reflux, even though we might need to adjust in the next month or two as reflux usually peaks around 4 months. She is back to our happy content baby. She cries when she is hungry, sleepy, poopy or when her reflux is bothering her. She loves to lay on her back and watch the ceiling fans. She also likes the swing and bouncy seat. I think her favorite place is still in the baby bjorn, I now also face her forward in it so she can see everything. She loves looking around and is just as nosey as Grace was. She makes all sorts of sweets sounds now and looks for familiar faces. She is smiling a lot and loves her big sister talking to her. She is growing like a weed and just in the last week is fitting in her 3-6 month outfits. We go to the doctor Friday and I will be able to give you stats then. She is sleeping really well at night. I feed her around 10 pm and she usually sleeps till 5 or 6 am then back down for a few hours. That is so much better then Grace ever was, Grace didn't sleep that many hours till she was around 6 months. Although we still have some nights Olivia gets up around 5 am . She is eating every three hours during the days and is actually starting to go a little longer between feedings. I think it was a fluke, but Olivia rolled over from her back to her stomach last week. It's actually a funny story. I was feeding Olivia in my room and Grace was playing in my bathroom. Grace got really quiet so I went to check on her. And guess what I found? Gracie was panting her toenails...YES, she had my fingernail polish top off and was trying to paint her toes. I laid Olivia on the rug and grabbed Grace and and ran her to the kitchen to clean her up. When I came back to the bathroom Olivia was laying on her tummy with one of her arms stuck underneath her. I didn't see it happen and it hasn't happened sense. It's never a dull moment around here. Enjoy a few pictures of my sweet girls!

This is a picture of me trying to get some shots before I fed her.
I love putting the girls in matching outfits.
I love this picture! It looks like she is trying to wave.
My girls before bath time. I don't think Olivia got Chad's and Grace's skin, she looks lighter.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day #3

We are going on day number three without the paci. I think we can pretty much call it official...Gracie doesn't use a paci anymore. It really has been much easier then I thought. I was thinking we were going to loss sleep at night but that has not been the case. The first two nights she slept with the broken paci in the bed with her, last night she didn't even ask for it. She found one in the car yesterday and I was thinking it might be the set back, but she gave it right to me. I am so proud of her! Now we just need to get rid of the diaper.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nap Time

(The beginning of the story is in the post below.)

While we have now made it just over 24 hours without Gracie's paci. Nap time was a little rough. She really wanted "more bobby" and not the broken one. But after 15 minutes of whining and calling out she was asleep. She usually takes at least a three hour nap, today was only two. I like my three hours but I think I can live with less. I know it will probably get harder before it gets easier but it sure isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Do We Dare???

Yesterday I watched the Rachael Ray show and it discussed a three and a half year old still drinking a bottle. That kid looked too big to have a bottle. But it then made me think of my Gracie and her paci. Does a two year really need a paci? Do we dare take it away? I couldn't help but want to get rid of it right then! So as soon as Grace woke up from her nap (and left her paci laying down) I took it and cut of the tip off. Don't worry, I only did it to one of them. Later on in the day as Grace had a melt down I offered her the paci. She looked at it, told me it was broke and gave it back. SUCCESS!!! At least the first step. She asked a few minutes later for it and fully investigated it, she now says, "cut, cut", when she looks at it. How does she know it was cut? Then there was bed time...I put her to bed with her duck and bunny (her two little security blankets). Of course she then asked for ''bobby" (the name given to her paci) and I gave her the broken one. She first asked me to "fix it" and then she asked for "more bobby". I simply told her that she was a big girl, gave her a kiss and then left her room holding my breathe. SUCCESS #2! She talked to herself for a little bit and yelled out for bobby once or twice but went to sleep with no tears. Chad and I then played "paper, rock, scissors" to see who would get up with her in the middle of the night...I won. But Gracie slept all night! SUCCESS #3! She did get up a little earlier then usually. She woke up talking up a storm! So we are now at 17 hours without "bobby". Say a little pray for me at nap time today.

I do have to say it is a little sad to say goodbye to paci. It's just shows me a little more of my baby is growing up. But I do believe this was the best way to handle getting rid of it. There was no dramatic goodbyes or throwing it away or mommy being mean. Grace can still have it whenever she wants, she just doesn't want it because it is broken. So she is giving it up all by herself...while kind of.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Girls Morning Out

Yesterday we had a girls day! We went to the Yellow River Game Ranch in the morning, just Gracie, Olivia and I. Grace we a big girl and Olivia slept the whole time. We had a great time and wanted to share some pictures with all of you.
This is the look Grace would give when a rooster, turkey or donkey came around...
Notice the buffalo in the background.
Even the squirrels came up to you to eat, Grace was able to pet this one.

Grace is feeding the bears.
Our favorite part is the deer!
After the deer almost licked Olivia in the face we closed the canopy.
Grace was such a big girl feeding the deer.

I think this picture is funny, it looks like they are talking to each other.
Grace is clapping for herself, "Yeah Grace!".

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Braves Game

For my birthday yesterday we went as a family to the Braves game. It was both of the girls first time to a game. It was a prefect night, the kids were great, the company was wonderful and the Braves won! OH...and we also heard we made it onto TV!!!

Grace loves hanging out with her Maw Maw and Paw Paw!
It is amazing how much fun stuff there is for kids to do at Turner Field.

We had great seats! So great that Paw Paw had to sit on the end with his glove to protect us from balls.
This picture cracks me up...I was trying to get a picture with the game in the background, their was a guy walking around calling out "cold beer" and Grace kept holding up her hand.
The treat of the night, POPCORN!

Olivia was SO good! Not one little cry until the car trip home.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Girl Hair Cut

Grace went and received her first big girl hair cut yesterday. Back in November she had her hair trimmed for the first time but not styled. Now she is "stylin"!!!



Friday, April 18, 2008

7 weeks old

Today Olivia is 7 weeks! She continues to grow and thrive. She eats about every three hours and still sleeps majority of the day. Her favorite spot is being held in the Baby Bjorn. Her reflux seems to be a little better during the day. (We did start her on 15mg of Prevacid starting today)And she actually had a good night only waking up once to eat at 4AM last night (lets hope their are more days like that). I have updated with some recent pictures...

My friend Robyn brought us over her bouncer seat she had from her little girl two years ago. Olivia loves this seat and has even peacefully fallen asleep in it while she is playing.
Olivia loves to take baths, especially with mommy in the big tub.
Look at how that hair curls up when wet. She might just get my natural curly hair...I guess time will tell.