Friday, April 18, 2008

7 weeks old

Today Olivia is 7 weeks! She continues to grow and thrive. She eats about every three hours and still sleeps majority of the day. Her favorite spot is being held in the Baby Bjorn. Her reflux seems to be a little better during the day. (We did start her on 15mg of Prevacid starting today)And she actually had a good night only waking up once to eat at 4AM last night (lets hope their are more days like that). I have updated with some recent pictures...

My friend Robyn brought us over her bouncer seat she had from her little girl two years ago. Olivia loves this seat and has even peacefully fallen asleep in it while she is playing.
Olivia loves to take baths, especially with mommy in the big tub.
Look at how that hair curls up when wet. She might just get my natural curly hair...I guess time will tell.