Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Big Booty"

On Sunday night at youth group the kids were playing a game where they all stood in a circle and started a chant..."OOOOOOOOHHHHH Big booty, big booty, big booty...." then they go around the circle and the first person says number one number two, the second person says number two number three, so on.... As soon as they mess up they are out. Okay, kind of confusing but I had to set this up. Grace and now Olivia go to youth group with Chad and I on Sunday nights. Grace loves the big kids and watches everything they do. So of course this week she been singing "big booty" over and over again. So tonight I figured I'd use this as an opportunity to count to five. So change around the song a little and we sing "big booty, one, two, three, four, five". As soon as I'm done counting Grace continues to count..six, seven. Holy cow! I thought I'd work on it and she is showing me she can already do it. She can count to ten with just two prompts to get through number three and eight! Of course I make her do it over and over again. We call daddy, who is on a business trip, and count for him over the phone. Then I decide I am going to record it. By this point she is over it. But after several takes and telling her I'd give her candy she did it for the camera! So please enjoy my little girl growing up and counting to ten. Notice as the camera is cutting off she is yelling candy!


Anonymous said...

Way to Go Gracie! Your Aunt KK is so proud. I love you sweetie!

Aunt Carrie

Anonymous said...

We think it is so "Kool" that you can count to teen. I go so excited that I jumped up and started shaking my big booty (you'll have to use your imagination on what that looked like). Now I'm going to have some candy.

Love you all,