Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My girls

A little update on my girls!  They are doing great and are as CraZy as ever!  
Olivia was taken to her one year check up last week and got a great report.  She weighed in at 22.5lbs and 31 3/4 inches long.  Putting her in the 50% for weight and 90% for height.  She has just started showing interest in walking!!!  She took about a dozen steps in a row on Sunday night.  In some ways I am ready for her to walk and in others I am not.  The girl is a nut and loves to be in the center of attention.  She loves to dance when she hears music and has her own little sing song she hums. The girls wishes she could be outside 24/7, she hears the door open and takes off trying to escape to the great outdoors.  The girl says a new word almost every day.  Her two new words from yesterday were "Copa" and "Up".   She continues to be a great eater and a pretty good sleeper.  
Grace is growing up to a wonderful little girl.  It is so neat to have complete conversations with her.  She continues to enjoy school and soccer practice.  She loves being out and about.  She has great directional sense and know where we are going by the turns out of the neighborhood.  As soon as she sees we are returning home she cries out, "I don't want to go home!".  Grace also believes she is spiderman.  My guess is she got this from school but it is SO cute.  I asked her the other day is she could brag something out of the dryer and her response was, "Yes, I'm spiderman!".  I believe we have hit the terrible three's inside of two's.  She has become Ms. Independent and is great at talking back.  (I guess it is pay back from me as a child.)  Everything is in five minutes.  I guess we use that with her a lot.  She is also the sweetest little thing too.  She came up and hugged my neck last week and told me that she loved me and I was her favorite mommy.  It just melts my heart!!!

Maw Maw, Olivia and Paw Paw watching Grace play soccer!
The joy of a Box
It is so fun to watch my girls play with each other.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Perfect Family Day

We took the girls to Atlanta on a much needed family day!  We started at the GA Aquarium (where I found the best deal).  Grace was SO excited!  She was excited to see all the fish, but she was on the hunt to find Nemo.  Thank goodness we found him before we left!
Olivia LOVED everything!  She was so curious about all and loved watching the fish and the people.  

Is the picture not the sweetest thing ever?  Olivia loves her big sister!!!

Beluga Whales...my favorite!
I think Olivia would of gone swimming with the sting rays if we would of let her!

After the aquarium we went across the street to Centennial Park.  It was the perfect weather to just hang out together.

Grace enjoyed the playground there.

And the girls thought the fountains were pretty cool too.

Disney had a dog show going on while we were there and we all enjoyed sitting and watching. (below is the dog from Beverly Hills Chihuahua)

We ended the day at CNN for a light lunch!  It was a great day and a much needed day for the Maddox family!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We have a new soccer player in the house

Grace had her first official soccer practice on Monday night!  She is taking a eight week class called Kickeroos.  They met for 45 minutes on Monday nights at Creekside Sports Center which is an indoor soccer complex.  Kickeroos is a parent involved class.  Grace did a GREAT job following directions.
Olivia and Keaton hanging out watching practice.  Neither one of them were too happy being contained! :)
Brennan and Grace.  Brennan is a friend from church's little boy.  Grace was super excited that he was in her class.

Check out her right knee.  She had her first soccer injury.  I trip from behind!

Did I see a step?

Sweet Olivia has shown no interest in walking...until yesterday.  Yesterday was a big day.  She took two steps and got her third tooth!

Friday, March 06, 2009

What have we been up to?

Everything is starting to calm down around here after all our birthday excitement.  Chad continues to job hunt and is reffing at the soccer fields as much as he can.  I have to say that I am super thankful for everything he is doing around the house!  

Grace and Coba have made a special little bond in the last few weeks.  I love to listen to her give the dog commands...and the dog listens.  Those are Grace's perfect friends...the ones that will do whatever she says.
It is hard to believe that less then a week ago we were playing in snow and today we are wearing shirtsleeves.  The kids LOVE to be outside.  
Grace and Aidan (the little boy I keep)
Olivia is in to everything even outside.  She stood at this sand table FOREVER playing in the sand.  She did awesome until she used the shovel as a spoon and feed herself.

If you don't know how to get out...just climb out the back window!

This is one of my favorite views from my house.  And it reminds me of on of the many reasons I love this house.  
The threesome!  

Chad has been busy around the house.  He painted the foyer and den gray.  It looks awesome.
This picture reminds me of the movie ELF.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

She is ONE!

We are one!  Wow that year went fast!  Olivia is such a character!  She is very loving and into everything all at the same time.  She has two bottom teeth and it looks like four that are about to pop through on top.  She is a good player and loves playing with Aidan and Grace.  She is a climber.  Her favorite things to climb on is the fireplace and Grace's bed.  She loves to talk and tries to repeat a lot.  She has become such a big girl trying to talk on the phone, brush her hair, dance and sing.  She is a great eater and is already on whole milk...no more bottles!  She makes no attempts to walk but I know it will come in due time.  One of my favorite things she does right now is the open mouth kiss...especially when it is spontaneous!

She loves this chair.  She will fight with Grace to sit in it.
She loves to climb up the step stools.