Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

We wish you all a Happy New Years! May 2008 bring each of you blessings and happiness. We are looking forward to this new year with the birth of a new baby in March and the continuous growth of Grace. I didn't realize how fast years go by when you have kids. It seems like just yesterday when we were waiting for the arrival for Grace, now she is about to turn two.

New Years eve was quiet around the house with just mommy and Gracie hanging out! Daddy went with friends to the Chick-fli-a bowl!
These last few weekends have been fun having daddy all to ourselves without the traveling for soccer games.

We went bowling with friends on Sunday night. Little did we know that Grace would be SO into the game of bowling! She loved having one of mommy turns to push the ball down the aisle.Is their anything cutier then daddy/daughter matching shoes?!

Grace was more excited about celebrating the push of the ball that she never even watched to see if it hit pins.

She is dancing to music. She was just so excited to be there!

At the indoor soccer complex. Grace and Abby.
Chad and Wes
Out shopping. Anytime we go by a shopping complex Grace screams out...MALL.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Congratulations goes out to our friends Aundrea and Learoy! They had a beautiful baby girl born yesterday in Utah. Danica Merritt Lea was 6ozs 18in. We can't wait for them to all get home so we can see that sweet baby.
The Maddox family is excited to have a friend for Olivia...two months apart. You know they will have fun growing up at the soccer fields together!
See their story at .

Friday, December 28, 2007

Days after Christmas

Bragging Rights...

I just have to start showing off my little one coming in 69 days. Starting this week I will go to the doctor once a week for a check up and ultrasound. Even though it's a pain to find childcare for Grace and the other kids, it is so neat to be able to see Olivia each week. She is currently in the 80th percentile so it looks like she will be a big baby like Grace. They are estimating her weight right now at 3lbs 14ozs. No wonder I am really feeling pregnant. I received two pictures of her this morning. One is her just being so cute. Chad doesn't know how an ultrasound is cute, but to watch her suck her hand, yawn, kick and stretch is "cute". The other picture is of her female parts. She was finally spread eagle, their is now no way she is a he. (my scanner is not set up so I took pictures with my camera so they are not perfect.)

The days after Christmas has been relaxing. On Wednesday we met daddy at work for lunch. Grace talks about daddy at work all the time so it was neat for her to go visit him. We have done our after Christmas Target and Walmart trips in the evening which is always fun in the Maddox family. Hopefully this weekend we will venture out even further. I was able to buy a small pink camera which I'm SO excited about. I have a nice camera that is hard to travel with b/c of it's bulkiness. I hope to never miss a moment now with my cute little camera always with me. I played with it last night and will have to download some pictures soon.
Grace has really enjoyed catching up on her sleep from the holidays. On Wednesday morning she woke up at 7am, a little early in our house but I think she might of thought toys were going to be under the tree again. She then fell asleep on the way to Conyers for a 30 minute morning nap. Then fell asleep on the say home at around 1:30 for us to wake her up at 5:45. She went to bed Wednesday night around 9:30 and woke up Thursday morning at 9:50. YES, you heard me right 9:50! I think that might of been the first time I was able to sleep till 9am in over two years. Thursday for a nap (which I didn't know if you would take) she went down at 2 and I woke her at 6! What is going on with this girl?!?! Then last night she went to bed late, 10pm and just woke up at 9am. She must know that the weekend is coming and sleep will not come as easy.
Pictures below are from my new camera after bath time with Grace and daddy being silly.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
We had a perfect Christmas. Santa was good to our whole family. Grace was a blast to watch open presents.
This is the first thing Grace went to.
It's amazing how long one toy can entertain a child.
Olivia got a gift from Grace. (Grace received a shirt that matches from Olivia. They have a very thoughtful daddy.)
I don't know what is wrong with all these pictures, but my patient is not with me this morning and I'll try to fix them later on.

Christmas Eve was spent a Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house, with Aunt Carrie, Uncle Eric and Hudson. We enjoyed dinner, listening to the Christmas story, opening presents and blowing out a candle for Jesus birthday.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Spirit

Grace has really gotten into the Christmas spirit. We have had a busy last few days full of fun, friends and family. We are SO looking forward to tonight and tomorrow morning!!!
Yesterday we enjoyed a brunch at Smoke Rise County Club. The little ones were on their best behaviors.

I love this picture. Grace's new thing is to grab both Chad and I around the neck and squeeze. My sweet girl!
They thought holding hands was the best thing in the world.

On Saturday we went to Lizzy's birthday party at Chunkie Cheese. Grace enjoyed playing the games but not riding anything.

On Thursday we exchanged gift with the kiddos I keep. Grace opened the three presents, looked under our Christmas tree full of gifts and said, "more, mama?". I know she is going to have fun this Christmas.She loved the vaccum/cleaning set from Erin. And the bows in her hair just makes the picture.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Family Night Fun

Yesterday was about the last night before Christmas that we were home in the evening, just the three of us. SO we had a family fun night. We watched a Christmas movie, colored Christmas pictures and made a Gingerbread house. Grace was in to all of it. She really like the gingerbread house. It took us about an hour to build and she sat at the table the whole time eating candy and decorating the house.

Look at that mouth. We have a candy girl on our hands!