Monday, December 03, 2007

Busy Holiday Weekend

We had an extra busy but fun holiday weekend. These are the days that I love. Watching Gracie experience new things and watching her eyes as she checks everything out.

Our first activity for the weekend was breakfast with Santa at The Orchard. The food was good, the crafts were great and Santa was AWESOME. But some things never change, Grace still does not like men in red suits, hats and with white beards. The only way I even got her close to Santa was by telling her that he had candy...candy canes.

This first picture is of Grace anticipating the walk to Santa while she is watching other kids cry.
There you have it...the first picture with Santa of the season.The best pictures we got were after Santa was gone and we got to use his chair. I love this picture of Grace and Chad. He is always either kissing her or telling her secrets. And she is always smiling with him.

Grace loved all the crafts. She enjoyed coloring, sticking, and putting together a necklace.

This is right after breakfast on the way to Chad's soccer game. Grace is shacking a bottle daddy made with beads in it. It was "cool". (Grace's word)After the soccer game was naps and then a trip to Lake Lanier Islands to see the lights. Grace was so intrigued the whole time.

She sat up front with us to see the lights. She was very proud of herself. Her favorite was the twinkling lights!My favorite was the live nativity scene. Grace was amazed at it all and would point out baby Jesus, the star, and the animals. She kept telling daddy up, she wanted up as high as she could go so she could see everything. We stoped at the end of the lights for smores and to see all the action at the carnival.

On Sunday we made a trip to Paw Paw's office for the Chick-fli-a open house. It is so beautiful there so we tried taking some fun pictures. We also saw Santa and another live nativity. My favorite part was watching Paw Paw show off his Gracie.

Grace thinks she could do Paw Paw's job. She liked going through his desk.

Still don't like Santa!


Anonymous said...

Well Gracie girl, I'm on your side in this deal. The idea of sitting in some big fat guys lap, he needs a shave and a hair cut, just doesn't sound like the thing to do. Besides...your the one all dressed up and looking great.

Love ya all......Pops.