Monday, December 17, 2007

South Carolina Christmas

This weekend we went to South Carolina to celebrate Christmas with extended family. It was a short but sweet trip. Grace was shy with everyone at first but quickly warmed up and showed off her little personality.

Aunt Carrie has some neat rocks in her front yard that are so fun to play on. Grace loved climbing up on them and jumping off!

Hudson wanted in on the fun...
On a side note...Hudson is in love with Elmo, he can spot him anywhere. On Saturday night he spotted Elmo on the back of Grace's diaper (you can see Elmo in the picture below). He then followed Grace around watching her bottom in hopes of another glimpse of Elmo. TOO FUNNY!
Katie, Grace and Hannah
Hannah, Grace, Katie and Caleb
Grace really likes to play with Caleb.
Grace loved all the presents she got!
On Sunday we went to Aunt Kathy and Uncle John's for lunch and Christmas.
She loves this present with an airplane!