Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday PARTY

Today we had Gracie's third birthday party.  It was such a GREAT day.  It was the first year that I think she really got what was going on.  She has been talking about this party for weeks.  When she woke this morning she noticed a bounce house in the backyard.  She was in awe.  She first ask if it was for her birthday.  Then asked if daddy fixed it...meaning did he put it up.  With a HUGE smile on her face, she then said, "Cool Mommy"!  Priceless.  
As I was getting Grace dressed for the day she came up to me and starting hugging my neck.  The hug by itself just melts my heart.  But then in the sweetest voice she said, "Thank you for Gracie's party Mommy".  I hope I remember that moment forever.  It brings tears to my eyes for the graditude she has at such a young age.
Grace played in her bounce house off and on all day long.  She was excited to go get balloons and have Aunt KK and Uncle Eric over to help out.  Right at party time she started looking out the window.  She was excited to see her first friend drive up.  My shy girl greeted the family at the front door.  After several people had come she found me to announce..."My guys are here mommy!".  
Grace was very good sharing everything with all her friends.  She loved playing outside.  She showed little nervousness with everyone singing happy birthday to her and was so excited to open presents that she didn't even eat any cake.  As soon as gifts were over she was back to the bounce house.  
What a great day.  Thank you to all for coming to make this day so special!
This was not all the kids but pretty close to it.  
Olivia, Riley, Aidan, Brennan, Keeton, Grace, Hudson, Aneliese, Maddox
(missing is Miller, Cory, Erin, Tyler and Owen)
The theme for the party started out as safari but slowly turned into zebra.  I loved the color combination for the black, white and hot pink.  It all turned out so cute.

Love, Love, Love the cake!


On Friday my dad retired from Chick-fil-a.  He has been there for 25 years.  Chick-fil-a has been a big part of my life growing up.  The Celebration given for him was AWESOME.  It was very special to hear how much of a difference my dad had made in so many peoples life's.  And I loved hearing my dad speak encouraging words to those he is leaving.  I know my dad will miss everyone he has worked with for so many years but we sure are excited to have him around more!

My two favorite men with my little lady.
The girls did pretty well.  It was awesome that the staff had set up goodies for the grandkids.  But I have to give a big thanks to Jenny and Trish for taking my girls so I could listen to my dad.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today Grace celebrated her birthday at school!  She had such a good day!

I took Olivia to the doctor this morning b/c she has been off and woke up with a low grade fever.  My gut told me it was an ear infection.  AND a mom's instinct was correct!  We had an ear infection in the left ear.  We started on antibiotics today so hopefully feel better.

A full Birthday!

Grace had a fun full Birthday!  After naps we made and decorated cupcakes for her preschool classroom.  Then daddy came home.  Gracie opened cards that she had received in the mail and was excited to find money from Gigi and gift cards from Mimi and Pops.  So off we went to McDonald's and Target to spend the money and gift cards.  Grace came home with a Dora backpack and a new dress.

Olivia enjoyed her first time playing on the playground.

We have another Southern girl...she loves her sweet tea!
We celebrated at the end of the night with singing and cupcakes!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Today is Grace's big day!  She is THREE!  She is a little confused why her party is not today but she is excited about the day!
Maw Maw came at lunch and brought Gracie balloons and presents.  We then went out to lunch! Grace is now resting and looking forward to celebrating with mom, dad and Olivia tonight!  Keep looking for updates!
Thank you Aunt KK and family for my cool shirt and stickers!  

Paw Paw sent Grace a present!  A did he know she was SO in to kitties right now!  It is taking a nap with her now.

Maw Maw gave her this baby and in a cradle that turns into a bag.  It is a special present b/c it was mine when I was little.  The baby is taking a nap with her right now too!