Thursday, January 22, 2009

Funny girls

The girls continue to amaze me with their personalities!  Everything they do right now just makes me laugh.  Even though some of the actions shouldn't be encouraged.  

Olivia watches everything Grace does and try to copy it.  She will try to color, play with babies, brush her hair, jump on the bed (with help from mom) and sing into a microphone, just to name a few.  They have also started to fight over time and space with both Chad and I.  And Olivia is starting to hold her own against Grace.  She will go after her sister if Grace takes a toy or gets in her way by yelling, pushing, slapping and we have even seen an attempt to bite.
These pictures are from last night while I was cooking dinner.  The girls continue to want to constantly being right underneath me all the time.  So the cabinets seem to be a great place to hang out so your not to far away!