Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grace turning THREE

I can't believe that Grace will be three in just four short days! Grace is such a daddy's girl. The first thing she does each morning is to look out the window to see if her daddy's car is in the driveway. Then she either says one of two things, "Daddy's Home!!!" or "Where's daddy?". Grace continues to love school. She had a new teacher at the new year and took the change very well. She comes home singing new songs and is starting to tell us more and more about her days. She loves her teachers. They call her their little lap puppy because given the chance she will be sitting on their laps. She continues to be a snuggler at home as well. She wants to be held first thing in the morning and right before she goes to bed. During new situation or places she continues to be shy and apprehensive and wants to be held by one of us. Which makes it hard sometimes to by juggling Olivia, dinner, groceries, etc. But Chad and I have to remind ourselves that one day she will no longer want to be held. Grace loves going to church on Sunday and just in the last few weeks has moved up to the preschool room. She loves to learn about "baby Jesus". We have tried to explain to her that baby Jesus grew up but for now it is "baby Jesus". Even when she sings "Jesus Loves Me", she acts like she is holding a baby.   She now even starts the song with ..."baby Jesus Loves me this I know...".  Too funny.  If you ask her where Jesus lives she will tell you in her heart. How sweet is that? I hope we can continue to teach her about her heavenly Father and how much he loves her. Grace loves playing with all her friends at school and church and absolutely loves that Aidan comes to her house to play every day. We have had many afternoons where she will cry when his parents come to pick him up. She is a little mama to her friends, always telling them what to do and where to go. But comforts them when they are hurt and wants to always make sure they have the same food or drinks as she does. She is a fairly good eater. She favorite foods are hotdogs, chicken nuggets, fruit, spaghetti, grilled cheese and mac n cheese. Anything new she tells us she does not like it even before she tries it (who does that sound like?). But if you tell her she can't have the good stuff till she eats it, she can eat it real fast. We are not completely potty trained but pretty close to it. In fact just this past week she has really gotten a hang of it. It helps that I bribe her with anything to have poopy in the potty. Her favorite things to play with are her babies, puzzles, reading books, listening to her CD's (her favorite is the one that has her name song in all the songs), writing/coloring and helping mommy cook. She can say all her ABC's and count to the 20s. She can point out and recognize about 1/3 to 1/2 her letters. Her favorites are "G" for Gracie and "O" for Olivia. She can find these letters anywhere. She loves writing with a pen like mommy. She can even write some recognizable letters. She continues to sleep well at night but is trying to give up her naps. I personally think she is way to young for that! It is kind of a tricky thing right now. If she naps then she is up way to late but if she doesn't nap then she is such a bear starting around four in the afternoon. Usually on school and church days she takes a good nap! She loves her baby sister and is always looking out for her. She loves to break up food and feed her or do something crazy to make her laugh! It is such a sweet relationship. She has also become a little chatter box!  The girl can talk your ear off.  There are still a few things that we don't understand but she usually says it over and over again till be do understand!  Grace is super excited about her birthday party coming up next weekend. She has several friends coming to her "WILD ANIMAL" party!

I love all these pictures below because it really shows all her little faces!

These next two pictures are of Grace putting out bird feed that she made at school.   So proud of herself.

Makeup is what she wanted when she pooped, makeup is what she gets!