Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Today is Grace's big day!  She is THREE!  She is a little confused why her party is not today but she is excited about the day!
Maw Maw came at lunch and brought Gracie balloons and presents.  We then went out to lunch! Grace is now resting and looking forward to celebrating with mom, dad and Olivia tonight!  Keep looking for updates!
Thank you Aunt KK and family for my cool shirt and stickers!  

Paw Paw sent Grace a present!  A did he know she was SO in to kitties right now!  It is taking a nap with her now.

Maw Maw gave her this baby and in a cradle that turns into a bag.  It is a special present b/c it was mine when I was little.  The baby is taking a nap with her right now too!