Wednesday, December 27, 2006

11 months old

Gracie turned eleven months yesterday. During this last month Grace got her third tooth. You can see her fourth, but it has not broken the gum yet. She is now giving kisses on the month. You just have to watch to make sure it's not a wet one. She is standing on her own very well. She can push up off of the floor to a standing position. Grace has now figured out how to climb. She loves to find things to climb up on...boxes, bags, toys, people. She is now signing "eat". The girl will let you know when she is hunger. But the best thing that Grace has learned to do this month is say "MaMa"!!! Her mama loves it!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas

Christmas day was awesome!!! Grace woke up to a room full of toys. The first thing she went to was a HUGE Elmo. She was a little overwhelmed with everything. If I had to guess, I think her favorite toy was her kitchen.

Family came over for breakfast. Grace and Hudson enjoyed rides around the house in Gracie's new wagon Santa brought!

Christmas afternoon we went to The GA Aquarium. In the past we have always gone to see a movie as a family. This year we did not think the babies would enjoy a movie.

Grace loved all the animals and fish at the aquarium. Every time we would leave one exhibit to go to another she would cry. It was so sweet watching her check everything out.

The build-up to Christmas

We had a very busy weekend building up to Christmas.

It started Friday night when we went to Lake Lanier Islands to see the lights. Mommy and daddy have not been in years, so much has changed, it was AWESOME! Grace loved looking at the lights, playing in the front seat of the car, calling the goats from the live nativity scene "dogs", roasting marshmallows, looking at carnival lights, and hanging out with friends Aundrea and Learoy.

On Saturday we started the day with a traditional family "last minute" shopping trip. Grace and Hudson enjoyed their first ride on a carousel. Afterwards we enjoyed hanging out with the family and eating meals together. The end of the day was spent at a Christmas party at one of Chad's little soccer player's house.

On Sunday we woke up and the family joined us for a Christmas Eve service at The Orchard. We then all went to SmokeRise County Club for a wonderful meal. Chad and Uncle Eric took off and went to the Falcons game for the afternoon.

On Christmas Eve night by tradition we ate dinner at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's, read the Christmas story and opening gifts from family.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Banana Gel

Banana gel, it's the new style. First, you eat all the bananas you want. Second, you mash up any leftover bananas on your tray. Third, you run your fingers through your hair. If anybody would like Grace to style your hair, just let us know, we are making appointments.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

No Nap Saturday

We have always kept Gracie on the go, but Saturday was one of our busiest days. But she hung on like a trooper.

We started the day at 11am at The Cheesecake Factory visiting with friends from college. It was so great to see everyone and to meet new babies!

We left from there and went to Grace's first birthday party. (This was the only nap Grace had in the car, 30 minutes tops.) We celebrated Riley's 4th birthday at Chick-fli-a. She loved eating cake and ice cream and watching all the children. We even saw Santa Moo Cow. But Santa couldn't fool Grace dressed up like a cow, she did not like him.

After the party we went home for a nap. After a hour of pure torture for the both mommy and baby with no eyes being shut we got Gracie dressed and headed out for Stone Mountain Park. The park was beautiful with all the lights. We got to see a Christmas lazer show, a 3-D Christmas movie, decorate cookies, and walk around and look at lights and people. We decided not to ride the train, thinking Grace would not last in a two hour line.

Finally on the walk back to the car at 9pm, Grace fell asleep, only for us to wake her 10 minutes later to eat dinner.

She was such a good girl for us.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas in Columbia

This past weekend we had Christmas in Columbia, South Carolina.

We stayed with Aunt Carrie, Uncle Eric and Hudson. Hudson and Grace had so much fun playing with each other. We sure do wish we lived closer to each other.

On Sat. night we had Christmas dinner with Aunt Kathy and Uncle John. Grace recieved a toy tool table. She has had so much fun banging the shapes with her hammer.

On Sunday we had Christmas with Maw Maw's side of the family. (Too many names to list.) Grace again recieved wonderful gifts. She loved watching everyone, eating good food, showing off for others and eating wrapping paper.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A weekend away

This past weekend the Maddox family took a trip to Columbus, GA for daddy's U11 boys to play in the Red Star tournament. We had a great time hanging out with all our friends from the soccer team. And the boys won 1st place!!!