Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all! I have added some pictures of the girls just hanging out today and being silly. I hope they put a giant jack-o-lantern smile on your face. Grace is SO excited about going to trick 0r treat! She has been asking for days to go. I will post pictures of there costumes later this weekend.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Halloween Party

Grace had her Halloween party today at school. Olivia, Aidan and I went to join in on the fun. There is nothing like a room full of 12 two year olds, 2 teachers, siblings, parents, grandparents and a bunch of food. All I can say is "C.R.A.Z.Y!!!".

Can I hear a Yeehaw!

So many fun goodies at school to eat!
The girl came home with four or five goodie bags! She was SO happy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Grace is just three months shy of turning three. She continues to be a little sponge and watched everything that goes on around her. She loves school and LOVES her teachers! She loves singing her ABC's but leaves out EFG every time. She recognizes and lables about 1/3 of her letters. She talks more and more every day and there is very little I don't understand now. She is about 80% potty trained...we pretty much have #1 taken care of but not the other. She is counting one to one correspondence to around 10 and counts to twenty with no help. She loves books and jigsaw puzzles. She continues to be a picky eater and only eats things that she thinks looks good. She has days where she is a great eater and the next she barely eats anything. She still loves her "yogurt milk" in the morning. She enjoys watching TV, Curious George, Sid the Science Guy and Super Why are her favorite. She matches objects that are the same and is starting to label colors a little each day...she does well with red and orange. She knows most shapes and has been trying to draw them out. Daddy is still her favorite man and she LOVES doing anything with him. She goes to bed pretty well around nine at night and sleeps through the night till a least seven if not later. We are still taking naps everyday, thank goodness. She has the best since of humor and loves to make people laugh by being silly. Olivia is her best audience. She loves having playmates to play with. Her favorite toys in the house right now are her baby dolls, magna-doodle, dollhouse and playdoh. She can dress herself, including putting on her shoes. She can not tie her shoes even though she wished she could. Just this week she learned to zip her did take her about fifteen minutes to get the zipper started. She is such a little mama. It is so sweet watching her take care of Olivia. Grace loves going to church on Sunday morning and in the evening. She really enjoys all the attention she gets from my middle school and high school girls!

Olivia is eight months and is my sweet, content and lazy baby. She is happy as can be just playing on the long as mommy is around. She is the biggest Mama's girl. You can pretty much garauntee that nobody will be holding her long if mommy is in the same room. She is still not crawling or do anything else other then sitting, but she is SO happy. She is beginning to pull up to her knees but that is about all she is interest in. She does move around somehow on her bottom. I am not sure how she does it but I can place her on the floor and few minutes later she can be a few feet away still sitting on her bottom. She loves pulling toys out of her basket and loves playing with wires. She is beginning to teeth, I can see two teeth under her gums on the bottom. She is starting to refuse baby food but is loving table food. In the past week she has tried chicken, grilled cheese, french fires, potatoes, rice and toast (she has veggies and fruits too but they are not new to her). Her favorite is toast, she can eat a whole piece in the morning by herself. She babbles a lot but the only thing I understand is dadadadada. She is waving and clapping her hands. She has a little dance move she does to get people's cute. We are still not sleeping through the night. We begin to do so well going from about eight to five and then we backslide...last month it was the bite, fever, reaction, etc. This month she throw up in the middle of the night and her reflux started up again. We are now back on 15mg of Prevacid at night. Last night we started the crying it out method again I hope it will take this time!
We are just so blessed with this little girl!

Monday, October 27, 2008

An exciting week ahead...

Halloween + Kids = FUN! I am so excited about the week ahead. Thursday is fall party and dress up day at school and Friday is Halloween. Trick R Treating, Halloween party at church with the youth and pumpkin carving! Can't wait!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Play Date

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Fun at School

Today Grace had a fall field trip with her class. The really cool part is they didn't have to leave the school, all the activities were right there. They were able to pick their own pumpkin.

It was a really cool windy day!


Class Picture

Ponies!!! Olivia was so happy sitting there until the horse turned and looked at her.

Grace and Aidan enjoyed brushing the ponies.

So proud of Gracie for riding the pony all by herself!

Face painting

It was such a special treat having Daddy with us today!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enjoying our day

Grace enjoyed her day at school today. They even got a visit from a firetruck! How cool is that?!
Olivia enjoyed a cool morning at the park with mom's group!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Saturday, October 18, 2008

October Day

Today was the perfect October day. It was awesome weather,cool and crisp. We started the day at Octoberfest. Grace enjoyed all the free handouts of food and candy. After afternoon naps me and the girls headed to the Rothschild Halloween pumpkin carving party. We had a blast with friends, good food and carving.

It was my first carving on my own. Grace wanted nothing to do with cleaning it out, she thought it was yucky.

Here are the girls with Amanda Barth. We love the Barth family. They are such an awesome family and fun to hang out with. They also love my girls and my girls LOVE them!Everyone commented on how happy Olivia is. We are blessed with this happy and content little girl.
Are are just some of our kiddos that were at the party.

Nothing like eating ice cream with a friend.
Olivia and Christa Barth

I wish this picture wasn't so blurry because is it so sweet.

Olivia and Ashely. Ashley is a one of the girls from our youth group. She has been spending Sunday afternoons babysitting up at the church and is doing such a good job. My girls have gotten to know her in the best few weeks and love to play with her.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today daddy had off work for Columbus day so we headed out to our annual pumpkin patch trip. Except this year we decided to stay closer to home and go to Washington Farms in Watkinsville. Not as pretty at Burt's pumpkin patch but Grace had a BLAST with all the activities they had.

Olivia is definitely teething!

These next two pictures are my favorite from the day!!! Thank you Maw Maw for the cute outfits!

Corn Box
Pumpkin Sling Shot

Hay Ride

Plastic Duck Races
Petting Zoo
Olivia was squealing and grabbing the goats hair. We weren't sure if she was happy or upset. This picture cracks me up!
The slides were Grace's FAVORITE part!

Looks like fun right? We wouldn't know...Grace wanted to ride and then pitched a fit right before it started to go.
Pig Races ...FUN DAY!