Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Grace is about to be Six Months Old

Can you believe Grace is about to be six months old?!?!
She is such a mess. She is all over the place, rolling and pushing her self with her arms. She is sitting up with little support. She loves to be out and about so that she can flirt with anyone she sees.

Grace at 5 months old

At five months old Grace can roll across the room and now enjoys being on her belly. She can push-up on her arms. She loves her feet and toes, she always has them up in the air or in her mouth. Her nick name is "nosey rosey" because she loves to watch people. She talks to everyone with a high pitch squeal.

Happy 4th of July

Grace and Hudson during the week of the 4th

Grace playing with her toes

Sleeping with her Pooh Bear

Swinging at the neighbors playground

Pictures of Grace during her 4th month

At four months Grace can roll over both ways, but gets mad when she is on her belly. She was full of smiles and loves all her toys. Everything goes into the month. She enjoys water, both the tub and the pool.

Grace eating her first cereal

Grace's first night away from mom and dad

Grace and her friend Erin

Memorial Day weekend at the Lake

Grace taking a bath