Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cinderella and Christmas memories

Grace received a Cinderella doll from one of my friends, Mary Ellen's,  teenage daughter.  Caydn was so sweet to think of my girls during the holidays and it couldn't of been a more perfect gift.  Grace has enjoyed dressing up and looking at herself in the mirror!

Some memories of this Christmas season I don't won't to forget to scrapbook:
Grace truly believed in Santa.  She was most excited to see that he ate a few bites of her cookies she left on the fireplace.  
The first thing Grace noticed on Christmas morning was her camera...even past the bike parked in front of it. 
Olivia loved all the paper and ribbon.
When asked who's birthday was on Christmas Grace proudly said, "baby Jesus".  
In the last week Grace has played with the Leapster, her bike and her camera the most.  She was also very excited to see the movie Tinkerbell.
Grace was very good about taking turns opening gifts on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning.  I think she might of even enjoyed watching others open their gifts just as much.
Olivia has enjoyed all the gifts she received and ALL the toys in the house.  The girl is into everything right now.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Olivia is 10 months old

Wow, what a difference just a month makes!  Olivia is mobile and in to EVERYTHING!  She is now crawling and loves the fact that she can get into any room of the house.  She pulls up on everything and will let go to stand for a couple seconds.  When we were at my sister's she even climbed up two stairs.  She has taken a step to a few people.  She loves to dance to music.  Olivia can now blow kisses and loves all the toys in the house.  She continues to eat very well and would much rather have food then liquids.  One of my favorite things she does right now is shake her head no.  (I know in a couple of months I'll be so ticked off when she tells me no.)  If you hold out your hands to hold her she will shake her head at you then grin ear to ear.  She continues to add words to her vocabulary...daddy, mama, doggy, hey, duck, Gracie.  She continues to be laid back, crying only when she is tired or wants something to eat.   OH...and still no teeth!  

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We hope every family had a wonderful Christmas!  The Maddox family had an awesome Christmas.  On Christmas Eve day, me and the girls joined Paw Paw, Aunt KK and Tyler for last minute Christmas shopping.  This has been a tradition for us since my sister and I were very little.  Tyler was able to visit with Santa and give some last minute wishes.
On Christmas Eve we all went to The Orchard to worship and celebrate our Saviors birth. Afterwards we enjoyed a steak dinner at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's and then opened presents from the Newton side of the family.
Grace and Hudson are so cute together.  They have a very serious Love/Hate relationship!
It is so nice that the cousins are so close to each other.  Grace and Hudson are four months apart and Olivia and Tyler are five.
So proud of their grand kids!
Olivia loved all the paper.

Santa was very good to us.  Grace asked for a camera and cell phone (she is only two...what is wrong with this picture?).  Last Sunday night at church Grace opened a gift for our dirty Santa youth party.  Cell phone walkie talkies!  She thought Santa brought them to her so we were able to check that off the list.  Santa  left a bike, camera and jumpy ball for Grace.  And a music mirror, her first baby doll and pacifiers for Olivia.  Our family came over for dinner and Maw Maw made her famous chicken n dumplins.

More then one paci...what do I do with it?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in South Carolina

We had Christmas in South Carolina this past weekend. I absolutely love that we stay with my sister and her family during this time (even though 2 two year olds can get a little rough at times). Everybody was so kind and generous with gifts and it was so nice seeing family.

Spending time with my sweet nephew Tyler, he is currently four months old.

Grace LOVED this little boy too.
Grace patiently waiting to open gifts.

Grace enjoyed playing with Katie and all her toys.
She also fell in love with Hannah. Hannah is teaching Gracie how to play Wii below, so cute.

Riverbank Zoo in South Carolina

This past weekend we traveled to South Carolina to visit family. We were blessed with awesome weather Saturday morning so we went to the zoo. The zoo in Columbia is almost right in my sisters backyard, how cool is that?

Hands Down, my favorite part is feeding the giraffes. Grace was too immediatied to feed them, which was ok, because it just left more food for the rest of us to feed.

Oh yes we did!!!

Christmas Lights

Last Thursday we went to see the lights at Lake Lanier Islands. This has become new tradition for us. The girls loved all the lights and it was even an extra treat to be out of the carseats and sitting up front with us.

One our favorite parts of the miles of lights, is getting out to see the live nativity scene. Grace loved seeing baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary and the wise men. She actually cried when we loaded back in the car...she wanted to "watch baby Jesus".

At the end of the lights is the Carnival. Grace rode on the carousel and went in a fun house with her daddy this year.

At the end was smores! YUM! Great family night.