Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cinderella and Christmas memories

Grace received a Cinderella doll from one of my friends, Mary Ellen's,  teenage daughter.  Caydn was so sweet to think of my girls during the holidays and it couldn't of been a more perfect gift.  Grace has enjoyed dressing up and looking at herself in the mirror!

Some memories of this Christmas season I don't won't to forget to scrapbook:
Grace truly believed in Santa.  She was most excited to see that he ate a few bites of her cookies she left on the fireplace.  
The first thing Grace noticed on Christmas morning was her camera...even past the bike parked in front of it. 
Olivia loved all the paper and ribbon.
When asked who's birthday was on Christmas Grace proudly said, "baby Jesus".  
In the last week Grace has played with the Leapster, her bike and her camera the most.  She was also very excited to see the movie Tinkerbell.
Grace was very good about taking turns opening gifts on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning.  I think she might of even enjoyed watching others open their gifts just as much.
Olivia has enjoyed all the gifts she received and ALL the toys in the house.  The girl is into everything right now.