Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We hope every family had a wonderful Christmas!  The Maddox family had an awesome Christmas.  On Christmas Eve day, me and the girls joined Paw Paw, Aunt KK and Tyler for last minute Christmas shopping.  This has been a tradition for us since my sister and I were very little.  Tyler was able to visit with Santa and give some last minute wishes.
On Christmas Eve we all went to The Orchard to worship and celebrate our Saviors birth. Afterwards we enjoyed a steak dinner at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's and then opened presents from the Newton side of the family.
Grace and Hudson are so cute together.  They have a very serious Love/Hate relationship!
It is so nice that the cousins are so close to each other.  Grace and Hudson are four months apart and Olivia and Tyler are five.
So proud of their grand kids!
Olivia loved all the paper.

Santa was very good to us.  Grace asked for a camera and cell phone (she is only two...what is wrong with this picture?).  Last Sunday night at church Grace opened a gift for our dirty Santa youth party.  Cell phone walkie talkies!  She thought Santa brought them to her so we were able to check that off the list.  Santa  left a bike, camera and jumpy ball for Grace.  And a music mirror, her first baby doll and pacifiers for Olivia.  Our family came over for dinner and Maw Maw made her famous chicken n dumplins.

More then one paci...what do I do with it?


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merry christmas!!