Monday, December 29, 2008

Olivia is 10 months old

Wow, what a difference just a month makes!  Olivia is mobile and in to EVERYTHING!  She is now crawling and loves the fact that she can get into any room of the house.  She pulls up on everything and will let go to stand for a couple seconds.  When we were at my sister's she even climbed up two stairs.  She has taken a step to a few people.  She loves to dance to music.  Olivia can now blow kisses and loves all the toys in the house.  She continues to eat very well and would much rather have food then liquids.  One of my favorite things she does right now is shake her head no.  (I know in a couple of months I'll be so ticked off when she tells me no.)  If you hold out your hands to hold her she will shake her head at you then grin ear to ear.  She continues to add words to her vocabulary...daddy, mama, doggy, hey, duck, Gracie.  She continues to be laid back, crying only when she is tired or wants something to eat.   OH...and still no teeth!