Monday, December 08, 2008

Holidays are here

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was spent decorating for Christmas. As soon as the girls went down for naps Chad pulled boxes out of the attic. Grace woke and was so excited to see "Christmas" in the house. She helped us decorate the tree by places all her ornaments in one branch. Don't worry...Chad fixed it.

Yes, Aunt KK I think this is your hat from about four years ago. We found it in a box and Grace thinks it's the greatest thing.

Grace loves carrying around these two stuffed Santas. They have been pushed in strollers, rode on her scooter, sat in all types of chairs and had books read to them.
Maw Maw bought us this book set last year. We didn't really do much with it last year but this year it is a BIG hit. After reading it once to Grace she understands the the elf watches her all day and flies to tell Santa about her good or bad behavior after she goes to bed. The next morning it is back at our house, in a new place, to watch again. Every day Grace searches for Elfy (that is the name she gave him) and is excited to see him back. We have told her he will keep coming back until the night Santa comes to bring gifts. She is very nervous about that night, she wants the gifts but not Santa to visit.


KeissFamily said...

I LOVE the elf!!! You will have to tell me where she got that from. I know I will use that for Anderson LOL.

Anonymous said...

Gracie girl, My elf hat is looking Gooood on you! Wear it proud!
Love you, Aunt KK