Saturday, August 30, 2008

Six Months Old

My baby is six months old:(. A whole half year has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Olivia has become a mommy's girl. Especially in the evening when she is hungry and tired, all she wants is mommy. She sits up with very little support. She rolls around the room some but she loves to lay on her belly and just play...she rather be on the floor then the exersaucer, johnny jump up, etc. She is eating three times a day and loves most of her foods. She even started on Gerber puffs in the last few weeks. It is fun watching her try to get them in her mouth. I have started making my own baby food and she seems to spit up less on it. She loves to be out and about as much as her sister. If she is having a bad day then I am itching to get out of the house b/c I know she will be happy. Olivia absolutely loves her sister and looks for her all the time. We still aren't sleeping through the night. It doesn't seem to be bothering her but it's killing mommy. She loves things that rattle and crinkle and is a TV watcher just like her sister. She is a very good baby and is very much a wiggle worm also. She still has a bad day here or there but the doctor said it is her reflux acting up (we have been of medicine for a month now) she suggested giving her medicine on those days to see if that helps. When we are having a day like that and I can't get out of the house with her, I will strap her in her carseat and put her in front of the TV. Within ten minutes she falls asleep....does that make a bad mom? She is such a joy and I can't wait to see how much more she changes in the next six months.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool Open House

Today we went to meet Grace's preschool teachers. She will be attending Grayson United Methodist two day two year old class starting next week. I am excited about Grace getting out on her own for a little each week, where she is not under mama's wing ALL the time. But I am also nervous about her being away from me. Someone else holding her, feeding her, potty training her, playing with her, etc. I also have this fear of her crying all day at the beginning because she misses me, it usually takes her a while to warm up to people. Today as we walked into the building she was very excited (excitement after she got finished crying from falling in the parking lot). She smiled at different staff that greeted us, you could tell she was a little nervous but I have to tell you I was the most nervous out of the two of us. As soon as we walked into her room she ran up to one of her teachers and sat in her lap giving a big hug. It couldn't of been more perfect of a situation for me. It melted my heart to see her have a connection with this lady who neither of us had ever met but only heard her name. The little room was set up and ready for the twelve boys and girls in her classroom. Goodies were on the table waiting for each of them (crayons, caulk, a book, candy, stickers, animal crackers and juice). Grace explored the room a little, ate her snacks, went potty in the school potty then told everyone goodbye. As we walked to the car she had one word for me "fun". I think it will be a fun year!

Grace with Mrs. Trish (this is the teacher she ran to)
Grace and Mrs. Kelly

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You gotta live a little...

Last night Chad was trying to pull weeds in between the bands of rain. Every time it would start raining him and Grace would run and stand under the overhang. After watching this a few times I told Grace she could play in the rain if she wanted to. But you can't have fun by yourself in the rain so I went out and joined her. We had a blast!

A bonus picture of the girls before church on Sunday...

Friday, August 22, 2008

First wagon ride

I guess it wasn't a real ride. We buckled up and were ready for a walk to only find out it had started to mist rain outside. With tropical Fay south of us it has brought cool air, lots of wind and now a little mist. Even though the walk didn't happen I took pictures in the front yard anyways.

Sisterly Love...

The girl loves the camera

Grace loves taking pictures. I let her use my camera this afternoon to take a few pictures and she actually did a pretty good job with a little editing.

I love these moments when Olivia grabs my face. Thank you Gracie for capturing the moment for me!

Let's try again...

I started potty training again this week. Maybe it will stick this time. I figured this was the best time of any...two weeks before school starts and the official start of soccer season (traveling in the car a lot). So far it has be a good week with only four accidents in five days!!! When we leave the house I put her in diapers or pull up but I do bring the little potty in the car with us! The best reinforcement is the candy dispenser below. Chad's mom gave it to him several years ago and it has been perfect for potty training!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Soccer Season had begun

The fall soccer season has begun again. This is Chad's five year with his boys. This weekend we were in a preseason tournament in Athens, GA. The boys came in third place but they played like they came in first. Grace and Olivia both did very well with the heat. Olivia hung out in her stroller most of the time and Gracie made friends with people around us.

Olivia and I hung out in the car between games to eat and cool off. She is such a GOOD baby!

She grows a little more each day...

Olivia sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time this weekend. She loved it and thought she was hot stuff. I have more pictures from our weekend in Athen for a soccer tournament coming soon!
Hanging out with her friend Danica.
I guess it wore her out!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A few blogs in one

Bath Time!

Happy 2nd Birthday Aiden!

Has anyone seen Gracie?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moments with Gracie

I am beginning to think that Grace is going to be our strong-willed child. She wants her way, when she wants it, how she wants it, where she wants it. (They always say you will have a child just like you.) She will test us to see how far she can take us. Now that our life is back to a normal routine I have really been able to work with Grace and to show her who is really in control. She can be such a sweetie and it is fun to hang out with. Just yesterday we went to the library and had such a fun morning together. Here are some pictures of Gracie and some of her sweet moments.

Hanging out with Olivia (look how well Olivia is starting to sit up) Hanging out with Hudson
Hanging out with her favorite man - daddy!

Helping mommy around the house.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pictures of Tyler Newton Shick

We have another "cheeky" baby. I have to say he is one of the cutest little boys ever!!! And he is SO laid back.