Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Birthday and more...

Yesterday was Chad's birthday. Grace and I had fun preparing a fun evening for him. Instead of cake we made sugar cookies for him, decorated them, made him a card, wrapped his present and decorated the house. Grace was SO excited for him to come home. After present opening we went to the Japanese Restaurant for dinner. YUMMY! (like how Grace replaced some of the letters)

Youth Room
We continue to work hard on our youth room at church. This Sunday is the GRAND OPENING. I am not sure if Chad and I will be there because we will be traveling to South Carolina for the arrival of my new nephew on Monday morning!!!

Grace and Brennan hanging out while we work.
This is how my girls spend most of their time at night, in front of the TV at church. Notice the TV stand, my talented husband made that!
Grace helping clean up after youth group...

Olivia's first time on a swing!
Can you believe she is even old enough to be in a swing? She loved it. Notice her belly hanging out.

Grace loves to swing by herself.
Can you believe she is big enough to be on a big kid swing?
My Babies
My girls are so sweet with each other. Grace always wants Olivia to hang out with her. They are laying in Grace's bed watching Nemo (Grace's favorite movie). I think it is funny that they both have a baby doll laying beside them.

Some random pictures of Olivia!