Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool Open House

Today we went to meet Grace's preschool teachers. She will be attending Grayson United Methodist two day two year old class starting next week. I am excited about Grace getting out on her own for a little each week, where she is not under mama's wing ALL the time. But I am also nervous about her being away from me. Someone else holding her, feeding her, potty training her, playing with her, etc. I also have this fear of her crying all day at the beginning because she misses me, it usually takes her a while to warm up to people. Today as we walked into the building she was very excited (excitement after she got finished crying from falling in the parking lot). She smiled at different staff that greeted us, you could tell she was a little nervous but I have to tell you I was the most nervous out of the two of us. As soon as we walked into her room she ran up to one of her teachers and sat in her lap giving a big hug. It couldn't of been more perfect of a situation for me. It melted my heart to see her have a connection with this lady who neither of us had ever met but only heard her name. The little room was set up and ready for the twelve boys and girls in her classroom. Goodies were on the table waiting for each of them (crayons, caulk, a book, candy, stickers, animal crackers and juice). Grace explored the room a little, ate her snacks, went potty in the school potty then told everyone goodbye. As we walked to the car she had one word for me "fun". I think it will be a fun year!

Grace with Mrs. Trish (this is the teacher she ran to)
Grace and Mrs. Kelly