Friday, January 16, 2009

Warner Robins

We had the pleasure of traveling to Warner Robins, GA on Monday to visit with Chad's family.  His dad had driven in from Ill so we didn't want to miss the opportunity of seeing him while he was so close.  Grace was so excited about going and couldn't understand why Mimi was going to be there.  In her eyes Mimi and Pops are always suppose to be together.  We missed you Mimi!
Grace loved hanging out with Pops.  Her favorite thing was going outside to find "kitties" with him.  She also enjoyed showing off her soccer moves.
Aunt Dee (Pop's sister), Pops, Olivia and daddy
The girls hanging out with daddy at Mema's house.  Those girl love to fight over his lap!
Aunt Dee, Mema (who is about to be 90 years old!...doesn't she look great) Olivia, Noah, Grace and Chad
Olivia and Noah (Noah is Chad's cousin's grandson)
Chad, Olivia, Aidan and Aunt Dee (Aidan is another one of Chad's cousin's grandchild...which makes both of them Mema's great, great grandchild!)

This is Grace's new move.  She holds the ball between her feet and then pops the ball up!  She has been watching her daddy's soccer team juggle!  Daddy is VERY proud of this move!


Anonymous said...

Everyone was glad that your family was able to come down to Mema's and visit. Meme was disapointed that couldn't be there but enjoyed seeing everyone on this blog.

Love All,