Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

We wish you all a Happy New Years! May 2008 bring each of you blessings and happiness. We are looking forward to this new year with the birth of a new baby in March and the continuous growth of Grace. I didn't realize how fast years go by when you have kids. It seems like just yesterday when we were waiting for the arrival for Grace, now she is about to turn two.

New Years eve was quiet around the house with just mommy and Gracie hanging out! Daddy went with friends to the Chick-fli-a bowl!
These last few weekends have been fun having daddy all to ourselves without the traveling for soccer games.

We went bowling with friends on Sunday night. Little did we know that Grace would be SO into the game of bowling! She loved having one of mommy turns to push the ball down the aisle.Is their anything cutier then daddy/daughter matching shoes?!

Grace was more excited about celebrating the push of the ball that she never even watched to see if it hit pins.

She is dancing to music. She was just so excited to be there!

At the indoor soccer complex. Grace and Abby.
Chad and Wes
Out shopping. Anytime we go by a shopping complex Grace screams out...MALL.