Friday, December 28, 2007

Days after Christmas

Bragging Rights...

I just have to start showing off my little one coming in 69 days. Starting this week I will go to the doctor once a week for a check up and ultrasound. Even though it's a pain to find childcare for Grace and the other kids, it is so neat to be able to see Olivia each week. She is currently in the 80th percentile so it looks like she will be a big baby like Grace. They are estimating her weight right now at 3lbs 14ozs. No wonder I am really feeling pregnant. I received two pictures of her this morning. One is her just being so cute. Chad doesn't know how an ultrasound is cute, but to watch her suck her hand, yawn, kick and stretch is "cute". The other picture is of her female parts. She was finally spread eagle, their is now no way she is a he. (my scanner is not set up so I took pictures with my camera so they are not perfect.)

The days after Christmas has been relaxing. On Wednesday we met daddy at work for lunch. Grace talks about daddy at work all the time so it was neat for her to go visit him. We have done our after Christmas Target and Walmart trips in the evening which is always fun in the Maddox family. Hopefully this weekend we will venture out even further. I was able to buy a small pink camera which I'm SO excited about. I have a nice camera that is hard to travel with b/c of it's bulkiness. I hope to never miss a moment now with my cute little camera always with me. I played with it last night and will have to download some pictures soon.
Grace has really enjoyed catching up on her sleep from the holidays. On Wednesday morning she woke up at 7am, a little early in our house but I think she might of thought toys were going to be under the tree again. She then fell asleep on the way to Conyers for a 30 minute morning nap. Then fell asleep on the say home at around 1:30 for us to wake her up at 5:45. She went to bed Wednesday night around 9:30 and woke up Thursday morning at 9:50. YES, you heard me right 9:50! I think that might of been the first time I was able to sleep till 9am in over two years. Thursday for a nap (which I didn't know if you would take) she went down at 2 and I woke her at 6! What is going on with this girl?!?! Then last night she went to bed late, 10pm and just woke up at 9am. She must know that the weekend is coming and sleep will not come as easy.
Pictures below are from my new camera after bath time with Grace and daddy being silly.


Anonymous said...


You'll have to explain to your Mom and Dad that entertaining everyone through the Holidays is a lot of work and very tiring. Riding the new tricycle, playing with the doll houses and the other new toys can really get you down.

Oh well, never a bad moment for a really good nap.

Love All,