Thursday, November 29, 2007

22 months old

Can we really only be two months away from our second birthday? I pulled out newborn clothes this morning trying to see what I have for Olivia and I just can't believe how small the clothes are. Was Grace really that small? She sure is maturing fast. In the last two months she has diffidently become a little girl. She moved into her big girl room and has slept in her big girl bed ever since. Once she had a taste of that bed there was no turning back to the crib. My favorite part of Grace being in her new bed is that she gets out of the bed in the morning, opens her door and comes and finds us. She also got her first hair cut. She only has one more baby tooth to come in (her bottom right eye tooth) and then it's only molars from there. She is still trying to talk more and put more and more words together. She will answer questions with one word answers or by pointing. I think she would talk more but we can't seem to keep the paci out of her mouth. (I know the time will come for me to get rid of it, but I'm just not there yet.) She loves coloring. But trust me washable crayons are the only way to go. She is very good at only coloring on paper but she is not good at staying within the four edges of the paper. She also loves stickers, tape, band-aids, anything that has a sticky side. She loves watching TV. Gracie and daddy have a favorite show they love to watch at night together. I'd tell you what it is but I'm a little embarrassed that my child likes this adult animated show. She still loves getting out and seeing the world although she doesn't like getting into the carseat b/c she would rather sit and try to buckle the buckles over and over again and she is a bear to keep in a buggie or stroller. She would rather walk in a store, which is fine when daddy is with us but try grocery shopping with a toddler who doesn't want to stay in a buggie. As soon as Grace hears that we are going out she has to find socks and shoes and loves putting them on all by herself. She has gotten really good at it, 90% of the time they are on the right feet. She is beginning to hate the highchair at restaurants. She have to trick her to get her in one and then buckle her in real fast, if not she ends up standing beside us in a booth. She still has no interest in potty training and I haven't pushed the issue at all. She loves to take her pants and diaper off but if you don't put a new diaper on within minutes there is pee on the floor. We did buy a stool for the bathroom and she loves to get up and turn on the water and brush her teeth all by herself. Thankfully she has also found a new love for babies! Every time we see one in a store she points it out and wants to see it. She also is in love with her baby doll. She likes to feed her, put diapers on her and tote her around the house. If you now ask her were Olivia is she will point to my belly. Too cute! Only about 14 more weeks left of being an only child.