Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun with Hudson

My sister Carrie and her husband Eric went to Italy for Thanksgiving and my mom and I have been sharing my nephew Hudson. The Maddox family had a very busy weekend and Hudson went right with the flow. We had a great time with him and we are looking forward to spending the end of the week with him at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's lake house.

At the soccer fields!
Hudson didn't want to get his picture made, he wanted to play with his stick.Grace taking making sure he was alright.
Wrestling with daddy.Hudson just loves Uncle Chad! Grace talking on the phone to Paw Paw.
Pictures before we went to church. Do you like the nice mark on Grace's head? She was a little top heavy at the soccer fields and lost her balance as she was leaning down to pick something up. It will make nice Christmas pictures.I love the expression on Grace's face!

Watching the cows in the backyard. Grace helping Hudson, but this might of taken it a little too far.

Lunch on can tell Erin and Grace both had long weekends!This is from last week but I thought it was so cute.