Thursday, November 08, 2007

What a week...

It's been such a long week and it is still only Thursday. The one good thing was finding out we were having a girl on Monday! But on Sunday morning Grace came down with a 102 fever. We already had a flu shot scheduled on Monday so we took her to the doctor to hear it was just viral and it would need to take its course. The fever lasted forever, at least that is what it felt like. I went three days without keeping other kids and today we are finally back to normal. Well...maybe not normal, Grace is still snotty and crabby, we are cleaning out rooms and closets trying to make room for baby, and we are trying to start planning Christmas presents.

I have added a picture of Grace sleeping b/c that is what she seemed to enjoy the most this past week.

Here is a picture of Grace sitting on the new pup. Copa is such a good dog and will let Grace anything to her.

And here is a picture of me. I got a haircut. Yeah! We went to visit Maw Maw yesterday b/c we were getting cabin fever and she offered to watch Grace so I could run errands. I feel like a new woman.


Joni said...

Hey Amy!
Love the haircut! What a great feeling to get out and about and get things done!
Congrats on baby girl #2. That is so exciting and fun. You already have all the clothes, ha!

take care,
joni :)