Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Christmas in the house

More excitment with Christmas in the house. The first picture is of Grace sitting in a Christmas decoration. The little wicker chair is suppose to be for a stuffed Santa but it's Grace's perfect size. She carries it around the house till she finds the perfect spot then sits.
Yesterday Maw Maw came by and brought her first two Christmas presents of the season. What a difference a year makes. There was no telling her how to open the present. She knew what needed to be done as she tore the paper off. She was so excited!

Her first present was Christmas pjs. Can you tell by the look on Grace's face that she likes it?
Another gift was a book called Elf on the Shelve. If you have not heard about it I am sure you will on this blog in years to come. Below is a picture of Grace with the new shoes Paw Paw bought her. She was so excited and had to put them on right away. This girl loves shoes and loves putting them on all by herself.
Grace sporting her new pjs.
Grace got her very own Christmas tree in her room. She thinks she is hot stuff!