Thursday, November 15, 2007

UPDATE: Big Girl Room

We finished the room last night. Chad worked extra hard moving around furniture to get it ready. So at midnight last night we were done! (Other then final touches like lamp, curtains, bookcase, etc.) Grace saw her room done this morning. She first said, "Daddy work", b/c she has been her daddy in there each night this week working his butt off. Then she went to her nightstand and put your bunny and paci in it. She then saw her ducky and another paci on the bed and wanted to get up on the bed. That is when she took it all in. She kept saying, "cool". (Her new word which was fitting.) She sat there for a few minutes and just watched the butterflies spin. I think she is going to like her room!
I don't know when Grace will start sleeping in there, maybe after the Thanksgiving holidays.

The butterflies...I think this is my favorite part of the room. Look at that smile:).
Watching the butterflies.

Start to move in some stuff.