Monday, November 12, 2007

First Hair Cut

Chad and I took Grace tonight to Snip-Its to get her first hair cut. Maw Maw met us there for the special event. I have to admit that I was the one scared. I had this fear that they would cut all her hair off or that she would pitch such a fit that we would have to leave half way through. BUT it went well. There was a wait so Grace was able to play around and watch others get their hair cut. When it was her turn she was excited and went right to sit in the seat. And then she realized that a strange women would be touching her head and the tears started. With the tears also came screaming. She did calm down a little by the end. They also listened to me and just trimmed it up. You can barely tell she got it cut but they took about an inch off the end. Hopefully it will start filling out now. All in all it was a very good experience!

Before Pictures:
The Cut

Grace enjoyed watching those really weird fuzzy things pop around on the ground.

Checking out the new cut
Maw Maw and Grace
After Pictures:
She was so giddy on the way home. I think she was a little proud of herself. And look at the little braid they put in her hair.
Check out the cute stuff they put in her hair. I Love it!