Sunday, March 01, 2009

Olivia's Birthday Party

My baby turned one!  I am having a hard time believing this sweet little girl is already a year old.  Everybody keeps asking what we are going to do for her birthday since it falls on leap year day.  Well...this year Feb. 28th was on a Saturday, so his year we celebrated her birthday on the 28th!  We celebrated with a cupcake theme and had a blast.  It was such a simple but sweet party.  Thanks to those who came and helped make the day special.

Olivia sat in one spot and helped open all her gifts.  She got some awesome stuff....from clothes to toys to ride on toys.  Thanks All!

Olivia was all proud of herself as everyone sang to her...too cute!

Chad and I talked on Saturday morning, trying to guess what Olivia would be like with her smash.  Neither of us guessed she would be so involved in it...she ate half of it and LOVED it!

Aunt KK, Ty, the birthday girl and me
Paw Paw, Olivia and Maw Maw
Isn't he such a sweet boy!
Grace, Hudson and Olivia


Steve & Nancy said... are really going to think this is weird, but my baby girl is turning 2 next month. We are doing a cupcake theme too!!!! How funny is that?? Remember I asked you about your other party with the zebras?? Well...that one is for my oldest daughter who will turn 4 in October, but she already talks about her zebra party!!! I think it's so funny that we don't know each other, but we like the same themes for parties!!! Congrats to your girl!!! She is ADORABLE!!! By the way...I noticed a cupcake sippy?...where did you find that??