Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Perfect Family Day

We took the girls to Atlanta on a much needed family day!  We started at the GA Aquarium (where I found the best deal).  Grace was SO excited!  She was excited to see all the fish, but she was on the hunt to find Nemo.  Thank goodness we found him before we left!
Olivia LOVED everything!  She was so curious about all and loved watching the fish and the people.  

Is the picture not the sweetest thing ever?  Olivia loves her big sister!!!

Beluga favorite!
I think Olivia would of gone swimming with the sting rays if we would of let her!

After the aquarium we went across the street to Centennial Park.  It was the perfect weather to just hang out together.

Grace enjoyed the playground there.

And the girls thought the fountains were pretty cool too.

Disney had a dog show going on while we were there and we all enjoyed sitting and watching. (below is the dog from Beverly Hills Chihuahua)

We ended the day at CNN for a light lunch!  It was a great day and a much needed day for the Maddox family!