Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We have a new soccer player in the house

Grace had her first official soccer practice on Monday night!  She is taking a eight week class called Kickeroos.  They met for 45 minutes on Monday nights at Creekside Sports Center which is an indoor soccer complex.  Kickeroos is a parent involved class.  Grace did a GREAT job following directions.
Olivia and Keaton hanging out watching practice.  Neither one of them were too happy being contained! :)
Brennan and Grace.  Brennan is a friend from church's little boy.  Grace was super excited that he was in her class.

Check out her right knee.  She had her first soccer injury.  I trip from behind!


Anonymous said...

That's one cool soccer player.

Love All,

Meme and Pops

Anonymous said...

So proud of the first soccer booboo!
I knew that you would have pictures!
Robyn & Erin