Sunday, March 01, 2009

She is ONE!

We are one!  Wow that year went fast!  Olivia is such a character!  She is very loving and into everything all at the same time.  She has two bottom teeth and it looks like four that are about to pop through on top.  She is a good player and loves playing with Aidan and Grace.  She is a climber.  Her favorite things to climb on is the fireplace and Grace's bed.  She loves to talk and tries to repeat a lot.  She has become such a big girl trying to talk on the phone, brush her hair, dance and sing.  She is a great eater and is already on whole more bottles!  She makes no attempts to walk but I know it will come in due time.  One of my favorite things she does right now is the open mouth kiss...especially when it is spontaneous!

She loves this chair.  She will fight with Grace to sit in it.
She loves to climb up the step stools.  


Anonymous said...

Appears to have been a great party and Olivia really knows how to put away birthday cake. Great Pictures, MeMe and I enjoyed.

Love All,


Joni said...

Happy birthday to Olivia!!!