Tuesday, April 15, 2008


What is GERD??? Gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is also what Olivia has. Grace had a mild case when she was an infant but Olivia is out doing her.
Olivia was put on 7mg a day of Prevacid two weeks ago. But since last Tuesday night her symptoms have become worse...congested, spits up (a lot), cranky, lack of sleep, etc. I took her back to the doctor today because the congestion was causing wheezing and gasping. Dr. H said her chest, lungs, and ears all look good. Olivia is just going to have a more severe case of reflux. Since I am breastfeeding only she has asked for me to go dairy free for three days to make sure she doesn't have a milk allergy. If she is the same then we will up her medication to 7mg in the morning and the same at night. She also does better elevated so that the acid is fighting gravity, so it looks like the swing might just be her new night time bed.
On a side note...with clothes on, Olivia weighed in at 11lb 6oz this morning. You should see her little thunder thighs!

I didn't have any recent pictures of Olivia so I thought I'd add the picture of the picture. We just got our professional pictures back from Sharma on Sunday. They turned out awesome. I love this one of the 8x10 of Olivia in Chad's arms. I love the fact she is naked and absolutely love the fact you can see Chad's wedding ring. The picture also consist of family and friends comments to our sweet girl!
I also added a video of Olivia in the morning. She is so happy and loves cooing. Her messy mouth is due to the medication I give her.


Anonymous said...

What a great video. We loved it.

Thanks Amy,

Love Pops

sharma said...

I love the picture in that frame!! Looks fantastic!