Friday, April 25, 2008

Do We Dare???

Yesterday I watched the Rachael Ray show and it discussed a three and a half year old still drinking a bottle. That kid looked too big to have a bottle. But it then made me think of my Gracie and her paci. Does a two year really need a paci? Do we dare take it away? I couldn't help but want to get rid of it right then! So as soon as Grace woke up from her nap (and left her paci laying down) I took it and cut of the tip off. Don't worry, I only did it to one of them. Later on in the day as Grace had a melt down I offered her the paci. She looked at it, told me it was broke and gave it back. SUCCESS!!! At least the first step. She asked a few minutes later for it and fully investigated it, she now says, "cut, cut", when she looks at it. How does she know it was cut? Then there was bed time...I put her to bed with her duck and bunny (her two little security blankets). Of course she then asked for ''bobby" (the name given to her paci) and I gave her the broken one. She first asked me to "fix it" and then she asked for "more bobby". I simply told her that she was a big girl, gave her a kiss and then left her room holding my breathe. SUCCESS #2! She talked to herself for a little bit and yelled out for bobby once or twice but went to sleep with no tears. Chad and I then played "paper, rock, scissors" to see who would get up with her in the middle of the night...I won. But Gracie slept all night! SUCCESS #3! She did get up a little earlier then usually. She woke up talking up a storm! So we are now at 17 hours without "bobby". Say a little pray for me at nap time today.

I do have to say it is a little sad to say goodbye to paci. It's just shows me a little more of my baby is growing up. But I do believe this was the best way to handle getting rid of it. There was no dramatic goodbyes or throwing it away or mommy being mean. Grace can still have it whenever she wants, she just doesn't want it because it is broken. So she is giving it up all by herself...while kind of.