Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lunch Time

Everybody keeps asking me how we are getting along after my surgeries and now a mom of two. So I thought I would sum it up by posting a few hours of our day today and let it speak for itself.

7:00 am - Olivia awakes in a good mood smiling and cooing

7:30 am - Olivia wants to eat

7:45 am - Grace awakes and wants her glass of milk (luckily I already had it made and sitting by the bedside)

8:00 am - Chad kisses us all good bye and heads to work

8:15 am - Grace and I have breakfast while Olivia takes a nap

8:30 am - Grace and I take a shower together (this is the first time I have bathed Grace since I had Olivia. I figured that leaning over the bathtub would be a little hard so a shower together sounds like a good idea.)

8:45 - 10:45 - All three of us get dressed, Grace plays with toys, Olivia sleeps off and on and wants to be held a lot, Grace watches TV, I try to get a few things done around the house...clothes, dishes, etc.

11:00am - Olivia is ready to eat RIGHT NOW! And Grace does not want to get off my lap. So I begin to make Grace lunch.

11:15 am - Grace is eating an early lunch while I am in the den tending to Olivia

11:45 am - In the last thirty minutes I have checked on Grace several times but as I am sitting in the den feeding Olivia I hear Grace's plate fall to the floor. Since we have been having issues with her throwing her plates, cups, utensils on the floor when she is finished. I with a very stern voice say, "Grace Elizabeth", as a march into the kitchen. And this is now where it becomes hard to be a parent...I have full intentions on getting on to her about this behavior. BUT as soon as I see her I can't help but laugh...What was she doing with her lunch!!! In this picture you can kind of see the mess on the floor.

11:50-12:30- Clean up the kitchen. Try to clean Grace up but realize it is going to be impossible with chocolate pudding in her hair, on her face, on her toes...so I give her a bath. Yes, it is her second time getting bathed in less then four hours. All this time Grace is still having a blast as Olivia is screaming in her swing.

12:45 - NAP time. Thank goodness for my girls taking good naps. (I had just laid Grace down and she is faking she is sleeping...too cute.)


Shea said...

Wow, you sure have your hands full, but it sounds wonderful! Those pictures of Grace and her lunch are priceless. Your family is just precious. You must be exhausted after all of that, so when is your nap? :-) Shea