Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whisper Mountain

The last four days have been spent in Robbinsville, NC with some amazing youth from our church. We went to Whisper Mountain Camp on a mission trip to get them ready for the summer. They were so nice to accommodate the Maddox family in our own cabin. The girls were the best.

Our CREW (28 youth, 11 adults, 2 babies, 1 puppy)

Two projects were worked a backpacking trail and enclosing there dinner house. There was a lot of playing around too.
The famous shaving cream fight.
Grace didn't miss a beat. She was a part of everything the big kids did.
Grace LOVED being in the mountains and all the land. She ran around everywhere. Every day I would have to load her up with sunscreen and a hat.
One of our friends had their lab puppy. Chance and Grace bonded instantly.
We were blessed to be able to use a mule and golf cart to get around. Since I am still not back to 100% it was truly a gift to be able to use. Grace love going for a "ride".
One thing I was nervous about was us all sleeping in one room. But Grace is my sleeper and anytime we put her to bed she fell right to sleep, even with all the noise of Chad and I and the baby crying. In fact the last night she fell asleep on Chad's lap during the camp fire.
Grace fell in love with our youth director, Heather.
Olivia was also just awesome. She has learned to live our life real fast.
This is where Olivia spent must of the weekend. But she loved her carrier and I think will truly miss it when we get back to normal at home.
Chad also wore her. AND YES, in this picture he is using her head as a table to eat his dinner.
Our friends let us borrow this Graco swing this weekend that your carseat just snaps right into. IT WAS AWESOME! Olivia took naps in it and even slept a few hours at night in it! Olivia slept so much during the day we thought nights would be rough, but she was great only waking up once and one night she even slept till 6am.
Chad, Olivia and Joe.
Me, Grace, Christa and Olivia. Grace also made a great relationship with Christa this weekend.
The kids were able to do a ropes course one afternoon. Chad also enjoyed doing everything!


Anonymous said...

I love that top picture of all of you in front of the mountains! It definitely deserves to be in a frame:) Miss y'all!

Love, Carrie