Monday, January 14, 2008

My little girl...

In less then two weeks my little girl turns two! She continues to make us laugh and show off her little personality.

Some kids like licking the batter from cakes or cookies. Mine likes the spoon from mac and cheese!

We continue to put finishing touches on Grace's room. This weekend the curtains went up.

Funny story from the weekend: We went out to eat with some good friends on Friday night to eat Mexican. When we were done Chad took Grace with him to the counter to pay for dinner. They ran into some people they knew so it was taking them a little longer. When I finally looked up to find them, Grace was standing by Chad with brown stuff all over her face and shirt. I ask Chad from across the restaurant what is all over Grace. He looks down and say, "Chocolate". Now of course he says it like what's the problem. But when they get back to the table Chad says, "Grace stole the chocolate! I guess when I was paying, she took the candy and ate it. I had NO IDEA!" So Grace had her first offense of shop lifting this weekend:).