Tuesday, January 08, 2008

58 days to go...

Only 58 more days to our little Olivia is here. Yesterday was another doctors appointment with ultrasound. But the appointment also included Chad and Grace. At first Grace was not excited about going back with mommy into a room, she thought she was going to have to see the doctor. But with candy in daddy's pocket and then realizing it was mommy on the table she was fine. She was very cute during the ultrasound, she kept saying "belly" "baby" over and over again, trying to make that connection. Then after the appointment we went next door the the hospital to see the newborn babies. She LOVED it!!! She kept saying, "Yeah baby!". I can't wait to see what she is like when Olivia gets here.

Pregnant Cravings!!! While I was pregnant with Grace and during this pregnancy I have craved spicy food. Mexican and Hooters are my favorite two places. How many men can say their wives ask/beg to go to Hooters?


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

Your Mom looks great and your really going to enjoy having a little sister. You do need to tell your Dad that he should at least act like Hooter's is not his kind of place.......not.

Love all,