Thursday, January 10, 2008

Danica is HOME!!!

We are so excited for our friends Aundrea and LeaRoy with the arrival home of Danica. It has been a long road and took people pulling a couple strings but Aundrea was able to bring home their newborn baby from Utah last night. The flight arrived at 10:44pm, many friends and family were waiting to meet the sweet little girl!

Here is Grace waiting for her Aundrea!
Grace hasn't seen LeaRoy or Aundrea since before Christmas (she is used to seeing them three to four times a week) so she was very attached to both of them last night.
Not the best picture but you can't miss the smile on Aundrea's face...that is one happy mommy!
Here she is! She got passed around the airport as soon as got a hug and kiss from her daddy.Sweet picture
I love this picture, look at Grace's face. She is not impressed that LeaRoy has another baby in this hands.
I think people thought it was going to be fight with me trying to hold Danica. But I was a big girl and waited my turn. But I wasn't' leaving till I got my hands on her.


Anonymous said...

I knew you would have posted some pictures from last night! Hopefully you got more sleep than I did!!
Did you happen to take any of Danica and I??? I never passed my camera around while I had her! :(