Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow AGAIN!!! (more pics)

It is snowing again in Georgia! They have called for 1-3 inches with the snow ending around 5pm tonight. There is probably about an inch already on the ground and it's just 12:30.

This morning we took Grace to get her two year old pictures taken and then to run a few errands. We are now at home sitting by the fire. Hopefully when Grace gets up from her nap we will be able to talk daddy into playing outside in the wet snow.

We had fun in the snow when Grace woke up from her nap. Snowballs were thrown at people and dogs, snowballs were eaten, snowmen were made and walks were taken. Much Fun! Chad doesn't like being cold and wet so he dressed appropriately.

The dog loved the snow. She ran around like crazy and ate snow balls. She thought the snowman was going to be a special treat for her.

Grace LOVED being outside in the snow! I hope we have snow in Georgia again in years to come.

What did we do on a long, cold weekend at home? Watch movies on our new TV!!! These are just a few of the movies we saw.


Karen said...

Kissing a snowman -- too cute!

me said...

I jealous!!! We missed all that because we were at the lake with NO snow!!!