Friday, January 04, 2008


On "Handy Manny", a Disney show, the characters went bowling Thursday morning. Grace saw it and went nuts. Jumping up and down, yelling "bowl", spinning in circles.... I called Chad at work and told him that we needed to take this little girl bowling again. SO we decided to go last night. Grace was so excited. We payed for Grace to play this time. She had her own turn and this time had her own shoes. The shoes were a big hit, my girl is in LOVE with shoes, she is just like her daddy.

We started off rolling the ball down the aisle, we then went to her pushing the ball down the ramp all my herself.

YES...she is hugging the ball, in fact she is also patting it on the back. She did this several times during the night.
Am I the only one that also thinks bowling shoes that size are just too cute!

And yes Grace beat me in both games. But remember I am pregnant and she had a ramp and bumpers!