Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Piece of Furniture

Today we bought a new piece of furniture. A little potty. We hit two years old and I feel like we have grown up over night. I swore we weren't going to work on potty training till after Olivia came. But it just felt right tonight. We will see if we finish the mission of potty training now or in a month or two.When we got home tonight from running errands I showed Grace her new potty. She was so excited and automatically took off her pants. She sat on it for about fifteen minutes. During that time she striped to nothing but socks. She got up once or twice and I asked her if she wanted to get dressed and she sat right back down. THEN...she went pee pee. I was so excited I yelled for daddy and we all had high fives, yelling, and dancing around. At first Grace didn't know what to think but then she too got excited, especially when she got her M&M!


Karen said...

If she gets it soon, can she have a talk with Matthew? He was interested in it for about a second and now couldn't care less. :-)

me said...

What a big girl she is!!!!