Sunday, February 24, 2008

Concord Tournament

This weekend was a full soccer weekend. Chad's U12 boys played in a tournament in Tucker. The boys did a great job and won their division in shoot outs. It was a very exciting game. These boys are so neat and each have such a great personality. It has been a real blessing to be able to watch them grow and to make relationships with them and their parents.
AND Grace loves her this picture she is running to be part of their winning chant!
Grace is sporting the hardware!
With the weather being so nasty on Thursday and Friday I dressed Grace in unimportant blue jeans. Then I let her go and play with the other kids in the mud. She had a blast, but man did she get dirty!

Do you like the new layout on the blog? I found a college girl who made the header and page. She did such a great job!


Anonymous said...

Nothing quite like the dirty side of life.......with real dirt. Trying to achive some of the "dirty" accomplishments that your Dad made will require a lot of bath and scrubbing time.

Love Ya,