Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day! more pictures

This morning Grace and I woke to this beautiful bouquet of candy! Who needs flowers when you have "nandy"!

Grace was so excited, so of course we had candy for breakfast.
Grace spent time this morning making valentine's for family.
This is how you will see Grace most of the day. Always with her baby.

Daddy brought home Valentine surprises last night!! Grace and I both got a rose and a present. Below is a picture a of Grace opening her gift. I love it because dad had no idea what a mess she would make with the shredded paper.

Look at that expression! Doll baby clothes.
She also got a necklace set, a harmonica, and a new movie!
Look what mommy got!!! Pretty cool! All three of us had fun playing. (Don't worry Chad got a present too, it just wasn't as cool.)


me said...

Y'all crack me up!! You did not tell me about your VD present!!! Very cool!!!