Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our little helper

Grace continues to amaze me and show me how much a two year old watches and takes in. On Friday she decided that she needed to help me shred chicken. Not thinking she had a clue what I was doing I gave her a small piece of chicken and a bowl. The girl shredded chicken! She stayed at the table with me for at least twenty minutes working with me and asking for more chicken. I didn't use her chicken in the soup...something about a two years hands, even if it is my own child's...grosses me out. BUT was a big helper!
And here she is again helping, but this time with daddy. She is pulling up our kitchen floor. Yes many think I am crazy taking on such a big project with Olivia coming in just a week and a half. We, well really Chad, pulled up floors this weekend and hardwoods are being put down this week in our kitchen, den, living room, foyer, two closets and two hallways. I can't wait to see the finished project!

Our other two little helpers were Learoy and Phil. We are so thankful to them for coming out and helping pull up old hardwood and carpet!