Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The season began...

Soccer season began! This past weekend we had our first soccer tournament for the spring season. Grace was a trouper as always. We have graduated from a stroller and she now just sits in her own big girl chair. Not to say when Olivia comes she won't be strapped back into the double stroller but for now it is working.

Look at those eyes! Can you tell she had a late night the night before?
It is so hard to find cute little girls soccer shirts so I decided to make my own. I was very proud of myself and the way it turned out!Grace and her friend Cory hanging out, enjoying candy together.

TWENTY THREE days until Olivia is here. Today is my last day keeping kids so it really is starting to feel like it is coming soon. List of items to be packed are being made and car seats are being put back together in the car for a newborn. The time is coming soon!


Rauscher Family said...

Grace is such a pretty girl. And I am sure she is going to love her little sister. Ethan loves Mackenzie and the bond they have is so special. You can see them at crauscher.blogspot.com